Hydrogen - one energy-carrier of the future.

I have a vision that hydrogen energy could become a reality.



Solar energy, or the production of hydrogen in the earth's sun belt, is a real option for building up an international regenerative hydrogen energy economy.



The beginnings have been made. How can we continue? Please read on the page "hydrogen".
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We can only continue if we begin to exploit the existing possibilities on the basis of knows facts and scientific principles.

Our planet is only one small star in the universe. It is up to us to make it a planet whose creatures are not plagued by war, not wracked by hunger and fear, not divided by race, colour of skin, or belief.

We must start now with courage and confidence, so that our children and grandchildren will one day be proud to call themselves human beings.

Yet we are not only responsible for our fellow beings but also for animals, plants and material things. Nature can only help us human beings if we treat her in a responsible way and do not use natural forces, machines and tools for purposes of mutual destruction, but work with them for a fair distribution of the "fruits" of this world.

When we realise that more than half of the people in the Third World are still living without electricity, then for these countries there is no alternative to hydrogen power based on solar energy.

"Solar energy" is therefore one of the "basic necessities" of life.

The "final aim" is therefore to provide the world with a sufficient supply of a global renewable hydrogen such as solar hydrogen.